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An accomplished chef and barbeque cook, Chef David learned to cook at a young age working in many restaurants while growing up in the Midwest, Western and Southwestern United States.  Over the years he has never stopped experimenting with outdoor cooking in all its forms and has continued to hone the craft that is Barbecue and Grilling.  He has had the opportunity to work and cook with both “famous” and “infamous” chefs, caterers, and culinary professionals and is considered a top outdoor chef. He is also the head chef of the BBQ Fool Competition BBQ Team.  Two things remain constant for Chef David; an intense passion for Grilling, Barbecue and Outdoor Cooking in all its’ forms and a desire to take it all to the next level. 

He cooks BBQ with a "modern" approach to "old-world" traditions!!!

He is a “Fool” for barbecue. He is the BBQ Fool

If it flies, swims, roams the earth or grows out of the ground, you can
Grill it, Char it or Smoke it !!

And he does!

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