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A modern approach to old-world BBQ traditions

If it Flies, Swims, Roams the Earth or Grows out of the Ground,
you can Smoke it, Char it, Grill it, or Slow-cook it.

Let BBQ Fool® be your guide to outrageous outdoor cooking, grilling and barbecue!!

"BBQ", "Bar-B-Q","Bar-B-Que", Barbecue", Barbeque", "Barbacoa", "Barbecoa"!!  There are many names for it!! But what's right?

Although no-one truly knows the complete origin on the word Barbecue (If they say that they do, they'd be lying), we have all seen the many variations of the term. Barbecue "purists" insist that  "real barbecue" is the slow smoking of various meats at low temperatures for long periods of time not grilling.  Grilling, Charring and all other methods of outdoor cooking have been reserved for the backyard amateur cook and are not real barbecue.

Not so, any longer!!

Over the years however, the lines between between what is truly barbecue has become blurred.  Most households today use the word barbecue, in all it's variations to refer to grilling anything cooked outdoors over a grill, spit, smoker, or open fire.  And in my view they are right!

Why limit yourself?

Without minimizing the "art" that is slow smoked meat and the "artists" that have achieved perfection in that world (and some of it is truly perfect), my view is that we have come a long way over the years and the word, "Barbecue" cannot simply be reserved for any one thing.  The concept of barbecue has become much, much more AND it can indeed be much more.
As we say here at BBQ Fool®;  If it flies, swims, roams the earth or grows out of the ground, you can smoke it, char it, grill it or slow-cook it and make it delicious.  Your imagination is your only limitation.

 Learn how to BBQ with us.  Learn how to barbecue better?

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